Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Gratefulness

14 June

I am grateful for all the ups and downs in life. They make me who I am.

Sara B.
I am grateful for the ability to dance and enjoy the happiness surrounding me.

I am grateful for the vast and multifaceted unfoldment of life. It is truly magical every day. Slowing down to see the lines. 

I'm grateful for the invention of windows.

I am grateful to know when to listen to my body and rest.

I'm grateful for warm weather. I'm blessed by the young adults and professionals of my church who desire to socialize as well as proclaim God's love.  I'm grateful for Teddy and his consistency with this grateful blast.

I am grateful to see my dear friend Sara has joined our circle.  And grateful for a sunny Saturday in San Mateo.

Today, I'm grateful for the path that had been set out for me, and all the trials and obstacles and glitches that have made triumph and peace of mind so delicious and awesome!

Dan C.
I am grateful for the support of friends, the love of family, and the path life unfolds.

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful to have the support that I have and hope never to lose it.

Grateful for the fireflies of my youth and the fabulous fun!

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