Nov 6 2015
Teddy launched a Kickstarter Campaign (Grateful Peoples: Sharing Happiness and Art)

So far he's raised over $4,000 of his $6,300 goal.

With six days left he needs your help to reach his goal and spread his message of Gratefulness


In 2013 when Teddy Droseros first initiated an email chain for messages of gratefulness, a small group of close friends and family joined in to remind Teddy that his ideas are meaningful and worth persevering.  Over a year later, we're now more than twenty strong and growing.

If you're interested in joining the group, please do not hesitate to contact Teddy. If you have ideas for how we can develop this group into a larger concept, please do not hesitate to contact Nick.

If the concept of what we do still seems vague to you, we recently sent out a survey to ask our followers for responses to some basic questions that would help us map out this About page.  Here's what we learned:

How and when were you introduced to this group?
I was introduced to the idea of this group by my brother before it began.

I believe everything happens for a brother and I decided to get together for some laughs. We went over to Williamsburg to a rooftop place he wanted to show me for a while; we arrived and sat by the bar. While we chatted and laughed, here comes a young man who said 'Excuse me'...there we met Ted, which we said he was sent with a message from the stars....he mentioned the gratefulness chain with his friends and we asked can we join...

I was introduced to this group back in January of this year by a great friend Teddy.

March 13, Nick introduced me.

Before joining this group, were you aware of or understood the magnitude to which gratitude can change your life?
No I did not....Having lost my 17 year old great nephew / godson almost 3 years ago has helped me understand we are only here for a very short time.

I certainly understood the value of gratitude, but I did not understand the magnitude to which being grateful can change your life. Before joining, I thought I was a grateful person, but since joining I have a completely new outlook on gratefulness.

I understood that being grateful is something everyone should be, no matter how difficult the road, but the group brought it to the forefront for me.

Totally! I had already been using that knowledge in meditation, hypnosis, daily affirmations/quotes of wisdom/zen and yoga.

How has joining this group and thinking about gratefulness affected your life?
It's helped me to take a timeout in the morning and even though I don't contribute my own grateful thoughts everyday, it's enough to just read others' thoughts and start the day off on a positive foot.

Im more mellow and appreciative.

I am now a more conscious person. Not just in the realm of gratitude and what I am grateful for. I am just more awake to my surroundings and the simple beauty in every day life. Gratefulness has made me step back and look at life as an outsider; that is to say, I no longer take as many things for granted, and I consciously say thank you more often and find ways to share and love others.

It has brought even more joy into my life. I feel as though I now have an extended family. When I read, I feel everyone's emotions and they touch my heart. It starts my day with a "feel good" feeling. I Look forward every day to read what those are feeling that day. It leaves me with a smile and some days sadness but life is not always smiles.

I now have a powerful interactive way to think about gratefulness every day

Having awareness of the importance of being grateful for things, no matter how small, as a daily reminder, really helps to approach every day with some positivity, even when that day might be really hard.

I am still learning to only focus on the things that matter the most like happiness, love, and health. I am doing much better and this email helps me.

Reading the posts and thinking of gratefulness has opened my world and it helps me stop and appreciate what we are so blessed to have; simple things that we take for granted like running water, heat to keep us warm, food on our table, the sun, plants, giving birth, walking and running, on and on and on. All of you bring and give me love, hope, peace, and comfort every day of my life.

How often are you conscious of being grateful now since joining the group?
I spend the day thinking of what I'm grateful for to write the next day. 'It's this, no its that'...I enjoy the struggle.


More than daily; anytime I have to step back and look at a situation, I think about what in that scenario is something to be grateful for and what we should take away from it.

A lot more than before I was doing the email.
Minimum, daily. Average, 3-10 times a day. Max, all the time (flow).
How would you explain the power of gratefulness to a friend who is unfamiliar with the concept?
When you start seeing the good, even for one thought each day, it sets off a chain reaction in your life where eventually the negativity disappears and you become grateful for everything that is life; including yourself.
I would say being grateful for the things that matter the most in life, and truly appreciating them, will allow you to notice other things to be grateful for, which will help you not focus on the negative things that can bring you down, but allow you to be more positive, appreciative, and grateful.
Consciously thinking about gratitude and the simple blessings in our life can entirely change your outlook on what matters and what should be valued.
I would say you choose how you feel and gratitude is one of the best feelings you can have.
What are some ideas you have for developing this group into a larger concept?
Invite others to the group. Or share ideas of ways to rid negativity, through personal meetings, get togethers, or through emails.
1.Sharing how great it feels to share your gratitude and reading everyone's in the morning.
2.tell friends and family to spread the word. powerful it's giving thanks
I would love to see this develop into something larger than a blog. I started the blog so I no longer had to deal with an ever-growing folder in my Gmail account. Now that the blog has established itself, I would love to see this group work on sharing Gratefulness with a larger audience. Whether that takes shape as a book, or a documentary, or even a seminar, the power of gratitude can and should be shared with a greater community.
Social media...sharing a daily email on social media and see what happens?
integrating with lift app, starting a public website/building out the blog, inviting more people, rotating responsibilities of management, creating a special email address or web app for member use
So, we could go about drawing some conclusions from all of the responses and information above, but I believe all of the quotes speak for themselves.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you begin thinking less about the negativity that surrounds you and more about the beauty around us and all that is worth being grateful for.

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