Friday, December 4, 2015

Tuesday Gratefulness

1 September

I am grateful for Tom P.'s great words on having high standards and recognizing progress!! It helped me remember when I made the decision to raise my standards and how far it has propelled me forward on my path!

I am grateful for change.

I am grateful for knowing what my bliss is for now and to allow it to grow without attachments of any kind.

I am grateful for enjoying life and letting go.

I am grateful for new and potentially uncomfortable experiences that make me realize new things about my body and mind and how I can make them work in balance!

Friday...August 28th an amazing beautiful moon.
Saturday ...August 29th an amazing beautiful sunset.
Sunday ...August 30th ...I was feeling a little blue and brought myself to a local garden center to cheer me up.  Walking through a field of perennials, suddenly a mass of at least 20 extra large beautiful, colorful butterflies came out from somewhere and surrounded me while I stood in shock watching them fly around me, until I was the one to walk away.  I believe it was a sign and embraced such a magical moment.  My eyes were on the butterflies, I did not realize I had an audience with me, embracing the beauty as well.
How grateful I was to share that moment with strangers and grateful that I forgot I was feeling weepy earlier in the day.
Marsha ...
Happy September 🌻

I am thankful to be attempting to recognize and work on areas where I need improvement.

I'm grateful for spending time with old friends, who still after 15 years, find the same things funny and can still be ourselves around each other.

Tom P.
I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new people.  I'm grateful for interviews and opportunities.  I am grateful for my dreams. 

Sara M.
I'm grateful for my wonderful education and for all the friends and I've made and continue to make. Go Beavers! 

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