Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

10 September

I am grateful for challenges, my health, and magic clean, fresh, drinkable water from turning a knob.

Thankful for this beautiful day.

Hey everyone :) I've been off my email for a while traveling with my dad through Yellowstone and Tetons..there's one thing to be grateful for..but really there's not much I'm not grateful for (though sometimes I forget and take things for granted until I'm grounded).  We gotta be grateful for even the toughest and most uncomfortable or tragic experiences too, because they often teach us the most and help us to grow and transform if we let them.  Always a silver lining..always.  Even death brings an appreciation for life. Lots of gratitude for everyone's consistent (or not so consistent) sharing <3

I'm grateful for this hiatus of constantly being connected to my cell phone.

Tom P.
I am grateful for my work ethic and my positive attitude towards my classes. My attitude guarantees that I earn a higher grade and I'm grateful for my attitude towards school. 

I am grateful to figure things out, and I am.

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