Monday, April 21, 2014

9 April

I am grateful for everyday experiences.

I'm grateful for waking up today and that I have everything I need in life that allows focus on helping others, without really needing to worry about myself. 

 I am thankful for having a nice relaxing breakfast.

I am grateful for Gods Earth Angels. That's what my Gramere calls people who are gifts to us, that help us through the tough times and lift us up when we have fallen.. Figuratively or literally like when I slipped in the rain this am. Lol. I am so grateful for all my Earth Angels.. And you all on this thread are my Grateful Angels. May we continue to spread gratitude, meditate on and manifest our positive thoughts.

I am grateful for having a loving family.

I'm grateful to know there is always a silver lining in the greatest of hardships and challenges.

I am grateful my girlfriend is in town!

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