Saturday, May 17, 2014

10 May

I am grateful to have a chance to reunite with old friends. 

I'm grateful to be finding myself to be growing in awareness of who I truly am and not what the thoughts of my ego create me to be... Peel back the layers.. Shed the light of your consciousness upon your thoughts and soon the real you will begin to make itself the reality In which you can thrive and fully be alive.

I am grateful for my nephew who is now an adorably chubby three months. 

Today it is raining and I am grateful that I had the good judgment  to cancel my  MS class because it was too hard to get to on such a day.

I'm grateful for the first thunderstorm of the season up here in Estes Park yesterday!  Smells so wonderful :)

I'm grateful for motivations and perseverance.

I am grateful for people who care and worry about me. 

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