Saturday, May 17, 2014

8 May

As I drove to work this early morning-my day began by facing the magnificent sunrise until I arrived to my destination. what better way to begin a beautiful day. Happy Wednesday.

I'm grateful for silver linings.

I am grateful for computers.

I'm grateful to continue receiving this email; though I sometimes neglect to respond to Teddy with my gratefulness for the day, receiving this email does remind me to continuously think about being grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.

I am grateful to be able to see and hear. 

I am grateful for all of the life before me that was necessary to make me.

"One of the best tools to achieve inner peace, good health, and love of life is taking a walk, outdoors, and reflecting on the blessings life has to offer.  We walk in gratitude for each day and every moment and empower ourselves by empowering our spirit's.  When we breath in nature through our eyes, ears, and lips, we become certain our souls are eternal.  We are better able to manage our lives, our troubles, our worries and our days. We embrace our highest potential, our pure grace."
I'm sure we can all be grateful for this.

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