Friday, February 13, 2015

Monday Gratefulness

26 Jan

Crazy last week..but grateful to be back. To put aside the craziness and remember what it's all about!

I am grateful for vulnerability. Thankful for people more willing to stand behind their passions than insult the passions of others.

I am grateful for God unfailing love.. ALWAYS providing. When you truly put your faith in God, he delivers and it continues to amaze me every time that I face an obstacle and I surrender the worry and the anxiety and give it to God.. My Heavenly Father provides.. Have a great week gratitude fam <3 

I am grateful for not knowing how things will turn out.

I am grateful for every facet of my life. Family, friends, brothers, sisters, material things, non material things, and the feelings of love in my heart

I'm grateful for the sun.​

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