Monday, December 15, 2014

Friday Gratefulness

12 December

I am grateful for prayer and how amazing it feels to heal oneself!

I am grateful to work in a field that I love and to have coworkers who are awesome.

I'm grateful for learning new things.

Hi everyone; I am grateful for Teddy allowing me to be apart of this gratitude list.  I am so happy to read these each day and I want to contribute more.  I am grateful for mountain sunrises, snow, and skiing. I wish you all a glorious day! Be well.  

Hello all; welcome to our daily gratitude/happiness family, Angus. I have been remiss in sharing my world of late.  I have enjoyed our new additions over the last couple of months and feeling their positive hearts.  Thank you all for wanting to keep this alive.  Your words speak volumes of your heart and soul. Happy Friday; enjoy the weekend.

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