Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Gratefulness

1 December

I'm so grateful for this beautiful's nice to stretch and just breathe.

I am grateful for the ability to change my path when ever I choose.

I am grateful for my dog, Boomer.  He's a pain and he's crazy but he's changed my life and for that I owe him everything.

Good morning family.  I miss you all.  There's been so many gratitudes where I don't know where to start.  First of all I'm thankful for my family being able to celebrate Thanksgiving together and able to listen to all the gratitudes together.  Thankful for the gratitude chain that I look forward to read everyday.  You all have such an important place in my heart.  I know we haven't met but the loyalty you have adding your gratitudes and lifting me up when I'm in need just holds your place in my heart.

I'm grateful for all the things I do wrong because it leads me closer to a better way to do things.

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