Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sunday Gratefulness

28 December

I am grateful for mistakes because they teach me how to do things the right way.

I am grateful for grace and patience.

I am grateful for eating fresh fish

I am grateful to enjoy a meal with my friends. 

I'm grateful to keep moving.

I hope I can tell the difference between the people that are here to stay or those that are here to teach me a lesson in life then leave.  I will alway be grateful for the experience... if for the moment or forever.

I'm grateful for you! For Friends, for my whole life, and for the love in my heart I feel every day! Boom Shaka Laka! 

Happy holidays...thankful for family gathering; able to laugh and share memories together. Thankful for my loving children when I sit and enjoy all their talent.

I am so grateful for the week I've spent in Massachusetts with my family, by far the most harmonious visit I've made home since I left 4 years ago.  I'm grateful for the warmth and love my puppy received by my family, making us all feel welcome and at home.  I'm grateful for the food that was shared with me, the shelter provided, the authentic heart wakening moments of deep truth.  I'm grateful for the old white pine tree that still stands strong enough to support my body as I climb to its crown.  I'm grateful for the spirit of the forest <3

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