Monday, October 12, 2015

Saturday Gratefulness

20 June

I am grateful to hear the birds outside as I type this email and for this day to do whatever I want with.

I am grateful for the Mermaid parade! The largest Art parade in the world is right here in Coney Island!!

Sara M.
I'm grateful for all the wild sunflowers that are blooming everywhere! 

I'm grateful for my friends Jordan and Erica who even when halfway around the world didn't forget to make me feel loved on my birthday.  Friends are the greatest wealth. 

I am grateful to start the celebrations for my Granddaughter Julia Levy' Bat Mitzvah weekend.  Julia was adopted by my daughter and her wonderful loving husband Michael who both know what love is. Julia has been our star even before she got to us.  She gets life, lives in the moment and spreads joy as you feel her touch. Her voice is amazing, she reminds me when I happen to not be in the now to be me.  I am grateful to witness such love.

Today I'm grateful for mountains, fresh air, and sisterly love.

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