Monday, October 12, 2015

Tuesday Gratefulness

16 June


I'm very grateful and thankful for a new day. 

I am grateful for snail mail from family back home!!!

I'm grateful for having someone in my life who reminds me to not always be in a rush.

I am grateful for meditation and the peace it brings to my life. 

Sara B.
I am grateful to feel the relief of getting some things off my chest.

I am grateful for all the prayers people keep sending.  It works; and for being in Teddy's family to be able to see and feel your gratitude in life.  We seem to be all around the country, female, and male and we all know that gratitude is an amazing source of life. 

I am grateful to be able to find humor while learning about neurochemistry.

Sara M.
I'm grateful for the unforeseen changes and challenges life presents; Even more grateful for not letting the fear of failure stop me from diving into The Unknown.

Tom P.
I am grateful for my health and fitness.
I'm so grateful for the pants that fit me; for the clean shirt, undershirt, underwear, and socks that I have.  I'm grateful for the Baruch gym that I have access to!  I'm grateful for all of the opportunity that I have this day!

I am grateful for being here another day. Even though I am a little tired this morning, it is a blessing to be alive and feel tired.

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