Monday, October 12, 2015

Wednesday Gratefulness

17 June

I am so grateful for being in a position that allows me to make my wildest dreams come true with nothing more then some hard work! WOOOO!!!

I am grateful for new challenges and the opportunity to meet new people.

I'm grateful for the privilege to wake up and read the words and thoughts of everyone in the grateful family. Thank you for your endless inspiration!

I am grateful to be open and willing to accept there are some questions in life that are un answered.

I am grateful for being alive and for my mom; I love her so much she's an incredible woman (I love my dad too).

Grateful for and encouraged by Greenpeace 

Tom P.
I'm grateful for the cultural differences that surround me: language, food, dress, and attitude. I'm grateful for the incredible city that I live in!  Today I am going to do my best to appreciate the uniqueness of every person I meet in this diverse city. 

I am grateful to be mindful and in control of my life.

I am grateful that my anxiety has decreased dramatically.

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