Monday, October 12, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

18 June

I am grateful for the positives of technology and how it helps keep me connected with my family. 

I am grateful for understanding how lucky and blessed I am and how that feeling fuels my motivation! Today is an awesome day!!

Sara M.
I'm grateful for brevity and honesty.

I am grateful to experience vinyasa and notice the changes in my body.  

I am grateful for patience, evolution, and this email group.

Sara B.
I am grateful for the beautiful summer weather.

I am Grateful to be in this family today with Teddy, Gina, Rachel, George, Charlotte, Tom, Julissa, and Sara.  Your words touch me to help me want to help myself and have an open heart first.  I love the humor when you throw it in, it gives me such a ha ha ah ha ha laughing.

Tom P.
I'm so grateful for the economy that I'm a part of that makes the world work! I'm grateful for the skills that I have that the market is willing to pay for. I'm grateful for all the working people around me. 

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