Sunday, November 9, 2014

Friday Gratefulness

7 November

I am grateful for beginning to understand just how amazing the human body is because it allows me to appreciate every breath even more. So many actions and reactions take place internally for every breath we take and our bodies simply do it without us ever thinking about it- it really is a miracle!

I am grateful to slow down and feel my breath.

I'm grateful for the support and love I have in my life; when things get complicated it's a comfort to have.

I'm grateful for having the strength to finally overcome my flying fear.

I AM GRATEFUL for another day and for finding someone else who sees the beauty in the presence of the rain.

I'm thankful for my friends, for the opportunities in front of me and for the weekend!

I am grateful I didn't lose the pen my father gave me.

Happy Friday gratitude family...thankful for all the tough moments my youngest son gives me; I have learned to give him stronger punishments where he learns how important my discipline is.  Thankful for all the advice I receive from my loved ones.

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