Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friday Gratefulness

5 June

Today I feel especially grateful for the happy energy of the people who welcomed me into the store where I got a ginger shot this morning.  The power of this energy to uplift your spirits and make you feel good is truly amazing. 

I am grateful for the help of others. 

I am grateful for NVC (non violent communication) and the fact that my hard work has paid off thus far!

I am grateful for different personalities and opinions and the variety of people that make this world so colorful and beautiful. Solving a problem using words and showing compassion is an amazing thing.

I am thankful to to be working my body out on a more consistent basis.

I am grateful to travel and to see amazing new places with people I love.

I am grateful I went to my first poetry slam and experienced such great passion.  Does it get any better than now?  Thank you very much Teddy and family.

Sara B.
I am grateful to receive good advice.

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