Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monday Gratefulness

8 June

I am grateful to have found a community that appreciates the abundance of life. 
Found this blurb yesterday and made me think of our gratitude family, enjoy! 
Inline image 2

Things are still gray but there will be a rainbow soon... grateful for hope and patience!!!

I am grateful for another day and opportunity to better myself and work towards my goals.

I am grateful to a teacher Mr Gary Null who I found on public radio over 35 years ago who taught nutrition and I am 70 and am alive and body wise healthy and when I walk I bounce.  Thank you Teddy have fun today and the universe will provide for all.  I stay doing what makes me happy and my artwork is in demand!!!!!!!!!

I am really grateful for friends who came to support me and all of the people we had an impact on. 

I am grateful for the understanding of others.

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