Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Gratefulness

6 June

I am super grateful to be truly healthy and be able to do things like walk, run, exercise, type on my keyboard, unlock the door to my home, ride my bike, draw, cook and chew my food all without giving it second thought.  A lot of people struggle with even the most simplest of tasks. Thanks you!! WOOOOOO!!!!

Sara B.
I am grateful for the SUNSHINE.
Have a great weekend!

I am grateful for meeting up with old friends and hearty laughter. 

I am thankful to see and experience different things so often. 

I am grateful my energy is coming back and my grief is leaving more and more to replace with all the love Jere and I shared; thank you very much Teddy and family for holding me this way.

I am grateful for taking difficult times as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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