Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

21 May

If the birds still sing after a long winter,  then I can always smile after the storm.. it's still raining but this smile I have on my face is making the biggest rainbow ever! Grateful for positive thinking. 

I am grateful I am confident, successful, happy, creative, abundant in all areas of my life and a shout out to Teddy, thank you. 

I am grateful for being alive.  Life is so precious and temporary.  Everyday is a blessing. 

I am grateful to have woken up happy and healthy and with new opportunities to grow! 

I'm grateful I can do the small things on my own, like cut my own toenails, because not everyone can do that.

I'm grateful to have spent time with all of my family and share the unique love I have for each and every one of them.

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