Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sunday Gratefulness

24 May

I'm grateful for beautiful warm weather. 

I am grateful for this time we have together and there are many gifts I receive from Teddy's grateful family.  By writing and sharing I don't know anyone and you don't know me; this lesson is trusting myself and being me and not judging myself if I spell not like Webster.  Thank you all.

I am grateful for the abundance of joy, great company, and for all the people that danced last night.

I am grateful to be on a relaxing vacation with loved ones. 

I am grateful for God closing doors I wouldn't have known better to shut myself.
And grateful to know the best is truly yet to come.  Building a dream from grass roots is a challenge.. But once the foundation is built success won't be so fleeting.

I am grateful for new experiences and meeting strangers.

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