Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday Gratefulness

13 October

I am grateful to be secure and safe. I woke up in a warm bed today and had a fridge full of food. I'm on my way to my job and I have reachable dreams. I can't ask for more than that.

Our Mission in life is to be loved and to share love ~ with each breath I take I realize the hope in every moment, that there is an opportunity to change someones day, with a glimmering smile, with a heartfelt hello how are you, our fellow Americans and peers do pick up on that energy. I am so grateful that it is one of my spiritual gifts to give to others the light that they might not always be able to find in themselves.  I want to help people remind themselves they are capable of all the good, of all the love, of all the light inside them to share with the world around them.  And I am so grateful I get to share this message with you all. I am also extremely grateful for my man Teddy, who shows constant care and concern for my health when I am too weak or not in a financial position to provide for myself on a daily basis.  He has ALWAYS been there to help me on my feet.  He truly is a gift I am so grateful for. 

Thankful for my children, family, and truthful friends who care for me and I'm able to see from their actions. Thankful for myself who loves myself more and more everyday.

Another spectacular new England weekend- Newburyport farmers market filled with so many local vendors educating us to eat healthy while listening to great reggae music.  We are blessed to live in this country. 

I'm grateful for food. 

I'm grateful for hard-work.  My goal for Saturdays Hartford (half) marathon was sub 1:20 and with a 1:19:11 my training paid off.

I am grateful for learning Therapeutic Touch this weekend.

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