Monday, October 27, 2014

Wednesday Gratefulness

22 October

Wow, I was blown away with all the gratitude yesterday!!!  I'm grateful for everyone's's inspirational!!!  I'm thankful for the positivity you guys give me.  Thank you.

I am grateful for friends who care and for this beautiful, unique rainy day!

I am grateful for my life, and to realize how blessed I am.

Im grateful for a raining day; it allows me to appreciate a sunny day more.

I'm grateful for endurance. 18 mile bike ride and 9.25 mile run yesterday.

New date and plans in my story of life.  Thankful for all the support I receive when I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I was able to clear my mind and place everything where it belongs.  Thankful for a new start in a challenged world; where all it does continues to keep you strong.  Have a pleasant day everyone.

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