Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tuesday Gratefulness

23 September

I am grateful for my mother

I am grateful for today being the first day of autumn...there is something magical watching the colorful leaves fall from the trees. Living in New England offers so much beauty in all of our four seasons. How blessed I am (raking the leaves is not so magical).
I have been absent from writing for a while - I look forward to every mornings emails- you ALL inspire me, warm my heart and seem to be in a good place in your lives. 
Kathy- I am sorry to read you were in the hospital. I pray and think of you often.
I am grateful for my recent struggles- it has taught me to open my heart even more - open my eyes and ears- and help me soul search. Happy autumn everyone...
I am always grateful for your postings- I also learn from you.
I am grateful for all the different emotions and states of mind in life, as each one teaches you something about yourself.

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