Friday, October 10, 2014

Thursday Gratefulness

9 October

Hey everyone, I don't know if you guys check out the blog that Nick has created as often as I do, but I'm really grateful for Nick taking the time to do that for us. It's pretty cool to have a place where I can look back on all my daily thoughts and see what state of mind I was in each morning. It reminds me of things I am grateful for. Thanks Nick, I appreciate what you do.

On that note, Nick and I created a list of a few questions that would be really helpful to both of us if you took a few minutes to answer. We want to help as many people as possible understand the power of gratitude. Below is a note from Nick and a link where you can answer the questions. Thank you guys! Much love to everyone.


Nick has been trying to create an About page on the blog for some time, and keeps falling short when it comes to the content that should actually be put on the page.  He realised that in order to more fully understand what this project is, we needed some better feedback about what you think this project really is.  We've created a survey to get your input; please take the time to have a look at the survey, think about the questions, and respond to those to which you have an answer.  It would be great if you could respond to all of them, but if you don't have the capacity to respond to all or any, we're still grateful that you took the time to look at the survey.

You can access the survey HERE


I am grateful for you all! This email chain is always a highlight of my day. Thanks guys :)

I am grateful for the feeling I felt when I took the time to put my hands over my heart and really feel it beating into my palms. The vibrations and energy I felt flowing through my hands was awesome. I will be doing this way more often. 

I'm grateful for open doors.​..and for knowing which thresholds are worth crossing

I am grateful to be learning so much!

Grateful for my hands and able to cook a meal for my children everyday.

I'm grateful for this mountain that I'm climbing...every step to the top fills me with faith and hope.

A note from Richard:
Look beyond the physical and discover the true substance of a person... for the substance of a human is not measured by their gender, nationality, sexual preference, color of their skin, or the shape of their eyes or bodies. It is measured by their capacity and actions to unconditionally love one another.
Too often we rush to judgement and are attracted to befriend people based on their physical appearance or social stature.
Elevate your consciousness to this and work, everyday, by your actions, and take time to uncover & discover the beauty and love that resides within us all... and it does.
Enrich your life and those around you and discover the treasure of love that resides in each if us... it is there... no matter what we physically and emotionally " look" like.
The true substance of a person lies in their capacity to accept and embrace the differences in our physical and emotional appearance and cultural diversity.

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