Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tuesday Gratefulness

14 October

I'm grateful to have made it to another day and for the endless possibilities that can happen today.

Wow .. I'm so grateful for all these inspirational messages. Teddy, Desiree,  Melissa, Nick; great job.  Julissa.. I just want to get up and dance...all day!!!

I'm grateful to be secure and healthy.  Hope everyone is.  Feeling sad and a little anxious about this sickness that's in the headlines often.  Been hugging my kids and loved ones a little tighter these days.. but if I stop and think about everything I'll never be happy again so I'm saying a prayer and I'm gonna go laugh with my kids!!!

I'm grateful for ​letterboxing.

I am grateful for peace in my life.

Thankful for the night turning to morning.  How grateful I am to enjoy a night out with my brother and a friend, so much you learn from conversation.

I am thankful I am able to walk in the woods and the peace that it brings me. 

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