Monday, October 27, 2014

Tuesday Gratefulness

21 October

I'm really grateful to wake up and have all the clean water I need just by turning a handle.  Many, many people don't have that luxury. 

I'm grateful to be seen and heard by the people I love.  It's so important to feel visible and understood. 

Good morning...its been tough for me for what I'm facing with all my anger and emotions all over. I'm thankful for keeping my grounds clear and strong.  Thankful for the night where I can sleep and relax my thoughts.

I have found myself consumed with our world news - I don't think the media recognizes the worth of photo-journalists.  They may not be protecting our country with ammunition but they are risking their lives by alerting us with the truth which is profound of them.  Of late, I have recognized this more and more with the ISIS/terrorist beheading movements and threats.  To watch the families begging for their sons to be released is heartbreaking.  Today and always I will be grateful for their service, passion, and commitment to our world.

I am grateful for the tenacity for life God gave me.  I am grateful for my fashion design internship interview.

I am so grateful for all of the support from my family to help me achieve my dreams!

I am grateful for my girlfriend Erica.

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