Friday, November 6, 2015

Monday Gratefulness

3 Aug

Tom P.
I am grateful for waking up before 6am without an alarm clock.  I'm grateful that my passion for life and growth motivates me every day to work hard.  I'm grateful for this day.

I am grateful for other people's energy to get me going when I need it.  Thanks to you guys.

I'm grateful to be able to go out and enjoy the city and all of its' beauty.. especially when you have amazing company to enjoy it with.  Also, venturing outside of the city to meet our fellow friend Carol was pretty extraordinary and quite a lovely experience! 

As nearly impossible as it is for me personally to authentically accept difference, I am grateful for it because it helps me genuinely appreciate others while also breaking out of my solipsism.

I am grateful to meet Teddy and Rachel this morning, I know I am being led by a force that is greater than me.  And yes we had fun.

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