Friday, November 6, 2015

Saturday Gratefulness

1 August

So grateful for my one friend who showed me a lot of compassion yesterday.

I am grateful I am learning as a single woman of 71 to go into a dealership and be in charge and know what I can handle in the payments I want to pay and not be talked into a penny more.  This is really a big experience for me, as my husband Jere did it all.  And did it so well.   I am doing it, and when I know I will share with you it gives me courage to keep learning in areas that are foreign to me.  Have fun and make mistakes; it's all about learning.

I'm grateful to have had a prosperous work week and now be able to enjoy the weekend with my partner and to experience more of New York and its' beauty.

I'm grateful for being able to spend time with my mom today and hopefully make her laugh and for my good friend/partner joining me.

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