Friday, November 6, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

9 July

Tom P.
I am grateful for the person I am becoming.  After a difficult and desultory childhood, I finally feel like I am on my destined path and I'm really loving life. 
My hips have been hurting me lately, and it just makes me a little more grateful for when I have full health.   I'm really grateful for the people in this email chain and for Teddy. After a 60-second meeting in Union Square and a single email, I have been invited to this wonderful environment. Just seeing Teddy's name in my inbox makes me more grateful for life and all the people around me. I'm grateful if you've read this whole thing for it was a little long😳😜😎 #gratefullife

I am grateful for responsible fashion.

I am grateful for the time, space, energy, and resources to comfortably cook my own food.

I am happy to have been granted this beautiful day to experience life.

I am grateful I went into NYC to my first New York City poetry slam.  What passion and I was the oldest kid there.


I am grateful for a brief visit home.

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