Friday, November 6, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

16 July

I am grateful for unexpected, not-so-good things in life the past few months... it'll help me see what I'm really made of to continue living the life I want to live.

I am grateful for the ability to see my dreams and passions and devise the plans to achieve! 

I'm so grateful to have a beautiful soul in my life that continues to enrich my days with joy and the best energy ever!

I am grateful I am who I am and not wanting to be anyone else.

Tom P.
I am grateful for the good community that I am in.  I've learned that when you do "good" things, you naturally associate with "good" people.  New York Cares volunteering and exercising at 7am at the Baruch gym have both given me great connections with great people and I'm grateful for that. 

I am grateful for email plugins that help me manage my email deluge!

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