Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Gratefulness

29 Aug

I am grateful to be alive today, to  be in a position to share my passion and the amazing feeling when you know someone truly gets it.  I'm grateful for the people who've helped put me in this position, thanks to all of you!

I am grateful to drink coffee outside with my new neighbors and how beautiful it is outside!

I am grateful I want to listen to my body especially when it comes to rest and what foods to eat to make it feel as good as I can so I have good energy so I can paint and share.

I am grateful for the headspace app which helps me with taking the mindfulness I discovered through this email even further. :)

Tom P.
I am grateful for new opportunities that come with time.  I am grateful for solitude and how it allows me to connect with the universe again.  I'm grateful for the sun and sunglasses. 

So thankful for all that I'm learning from the authors that I'm reading.  Amazing.

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