Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

20 Aug

I am grateful for doing things even when I don't want to.  At least they'll get done!
I am grateful to laugh with colleagues and Teddy and everyone in this group for their positive vibes.

I'm grateful for the opportunities and challenges in life to better myself.  I'm also grateful for Teddy, because when we miss a day or...month of gratitude, he doesn't.  His consistency and effort, motivate and encourage me to stay positive and focus on the good.  Thank you T. 

I am grateful for my son Jack.

I am grateful for essential oils and how they can help you feel and heal. 

I'm grateful for tests, challenges, and the learnings that come with them. 

I am grateful for the feeling of overcoming hard tasks. And I'm grateful for the people who help me overcome them. 

Tom P.
I'm grateful for fear, and I am grateful for how I want to face my fears.  I want to overcome my fears and I'm grateful for that journey. 

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