Friday, November 6, 2015

Saturday Gratefulness

18 July

I am grateful for breath and how it gets you through everything.

I am so very grateful and blessed to have a son who keeps me in the music loop by introducing me to unbelievable talent... I'm humbled.... and grateful for him... and the music he shares with me.

I am grateful for how cool the rain looks outside my window and for my dry, cool home to watch it from.

I am grateful to wake up to get phone calls from my family.

Tom P.
I am grateful for pain.  I'm not a masochist, but sometimes pain feels like a cleansing.  Difficult decisions and emotional pain are the path to ever greater happiness and joy.  I'm grateful for hard times because they make me appreciate the good times.  I'm grateful for my life. 

I'm grateful to wake up and put my feet on this sand and in this water (Isla Holbox).

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