Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday Gratefulness

13 March

I am grateful for the ability to change certain aspects of my life that do not bring me happiness and the motivation to work towards a more positive present and future.

I am grateful to have the willingness to keep keeping on.  Yes life is the most precious and every second counts.  How I choose to use this time is all up to me.  Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of this happiness movement because I know who is here with me is awake.

I am grateful for my sense of smell.

I am grateful for new things and a break from my normal routine.

I am grateful for my son.

I am grateful for the love in my heart and the wind on my face. I am grateful for Jeff and the depth of living he has shared. I am grateful to come and go from different aspects of my life and to continually grow, change, develop and live. I love being...

I am constantly delighted by the strength I find within. Strength turns to meaningful action and meaningful action brings about a revelation of change necessary for growth you could have only achieved if you were brave enough to just take the first step, another and another and you will find in time you could aways fly you just needed to take the leap of faith. Thank you all for being catalysts for Change in your own life as well as supporting the gratitude family to remain steadfast in our gratefulness for all that we are blessed with daily.
Much love to you all as we approach the change of seasons.. 

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