Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

12 March

Grateful for new beginnings!!! Hope everyone can always see the sunshine :)

I am grateful to be on my own and doing my life even when I have to cry, life is precious always.

I am grateful to hear the birds chirping outside my window.

I am grateful for people who have helped carve my unique path.

I am grateful to have forgiven my past self for all the stupid shit I've done.

I am so grateful for the amazing journey I've been blessed and privileged to embark upon over the past 2 months, for the generous people I've met along the way, the beauty that's graced my eyes and heart, the ocean, desert, mountains, the food, the company of my companion Nala, the visit from my mother in San Diego, the authentic exchanges of words and stares, the crystals I've unearthed, the hot springs that've healed my body, the books that have ignited passion and truth in my heart, and the music that's moved my soul body.  Much I have learned, though nothing that couldn't be taught by the river or tree, wind or sun.  I am grateful to experience life in this way, in this body, on this planet at this moment.  I am grateful to know truth, regardless of how it may hurt at times.  I am grateful to be on the path to peace, stillness, bliss.  I am grateful to remember.

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