Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wednesday Gratefulness

18 March

I am grateful and excited for this one-of-a-kind day that'll never happen again.

I am grateful for sitting in traffic because it allowed me the time to appreciate the natural beauty of Mother Nature, the water was so sparkly from the sun and the sun felt so good and warm on my skin; which felt great.  I am also grateful that I am trying to find ways to enjoy traffic and not get aggravated because there is nothing I can do to change the traffic, only my perspective of it.

I am grateful for the Year Up program. It changed myself. (check it out).

Good morning gratitude family...thankful for another day to enjoy with my loved ones.

I am grateful for this breath. 

I am grateful my kids are here now helping me run my business successfully.

I'm grateful for water, bless our water.

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