Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thursday Gratefulness

26 Feb

I am grateful for being able to enjoy yet another beautiful day.

Good morning beautiful people.  Thankful for this website to read everyone's gratitude.  Thankful for the air I breath at night while I'm sleeping...have a pleasant day family.

I am grateful that the sun shines bright and strong through my window every morning, how it feels on my skin, and that I can put my children in it for vitamin d activation, especially during the winter!!

I am grateful that at the very least I get to hear the voice of the people I love on a regular basis. Sometimes I forget that life is temporary and I'm grateful for the time I get to share with the my loved ones.

I am grateful to want to smile and give one away.  8-)

I am grateful that winter has returned! 

I am grateful to be able to create beautiful things.

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