Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wednesday Gratefulness

25 March

I am grateful to wake up tired on a cloudy day, roll out of bed, and read this email. Thank you all for sharing it makes my morning every morning to hear what you are grateful for, your stories of overcoming problems and the great quotes and lessons that you all share!!! Have an amazing day every day! 

I'm grateful for the warmer weather coming and new challenges that will help me grow!

I am grateful for the early signs of spring that help make me feel free and alive - signs of crocus's-deer the last few mornings-the sound of birds all day long, bright blue skies with full sun smiling.  We are surrounded by so many blessings. embrace them all grateful family.

I am grateful to get to experience another day!

I am grateful for my son Jacks help; going into New York City with me to allow me to keep doing what I love - Painting

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