Sunday, March 29, 2015

Friday Gratefulness

27 March

I am grateful to be here yet again for another day in this awesome world!

Happy Friday gratitude family, thankful for another day to make changes in my life. Thankful for learning that everyone doesn't have the same intention when it comes to love and friendship. I look forward every day to read my gratitude family words, so positive and motivated.

I'm grateful for overcoming challenges and learning from the experience. I'm also grateful for the support of my parents and love of my family.

I am thankful to have the time and energy to do something to make someone that I don't know that well extremely happy. 

Im grateful for motivation and dedication and the support I'm receiving along the way.

I am grateful for change. Change of seasons. Change of location. Change of life... 

I am grateful to be able to have a bounce when I move, I do classical almost every day and what a difference no aches and pains at 70.

I am grateful to be healthy and alive.

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