Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunday Gratefulness

1 March

I am grateful for my thoughts when I opened my eyes this morning.  I'm alive and I've been given another chance at life!  The fact that I can look at my finger and think that I want that finger to move.... and then it just moves, almost like magic.  I'm super grateful for this connection between my mind and body that allows me to follow my dreams.  I feel very grateful that I've woken up every day of my life with this connection. 

I am grateful for Angus, he is teaching me something great to use as another tool.  Being in the now and feeling content.
it's new and exciting
it's new and exciting
it's new and exciting and feels so right. Thank you all, this is one of my best tools that I so look forward to reading and feeling your chi. Thank you very much Teddy.

Grateful to be bolder and wiser.

I am grateful for lying to myself less and less as time goes by. 

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